Our business is to help move surplus or unneeded antiques, merchandise, goods and services to buyers who want or need more.

We want to make your online auction experience fun.

To do so, we use the online auction format to save the buyer time by quickly reviewing the items available online with high quality images and descriptions.

Our job as the middleman is to accurately describe the items using pictures so everyone is aware of faults, if they exist. Bidding can be done from home 24/7 saving the bidder time and money.

We try to split the selling expense between the buyer and seller so both share instead of the burden falling on the seller. With lower seller commission we make it possible to sell quality items with minimal expense.

Bidders and consignors wanted.

For consignments please contact us via email or phone to set up an appointment (An appointment must be made so we can properly devote ourselves to your merchandise, questions, or concerns).

For questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to contact us via email, phone, or visit us during our business hours.

Thanks for your time!