Optional Pickup Location Instructions

If you want your winnings shipped directly to you, you can ignore this page completely.

In order to have your winnings transported to the an office near you, please follow the instructions below.

1. Login to your account by clicking here.

2. Next hover your mouse over your name ( near the top right of the page ).

3. Now click account info

4. Once you arrive at the account info page, click the field labled Company & enter one of our office locations as your preferred place to pickup your winnings. You may also manually enter in the office location next to the city in which you reside with either Pickup or P/U after it (i.e., Chicago - So Milwaukee P/U or Minneapolis - La Crosse Pickup).

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click save account info and you are finished. Now the items you win will show up at the location of your choosing for pickup, unless they are not eligible for transporting between offices ( this generally applies to large items, very fragile items, items won from different regions, or you can Contact Us if you have questions about pickup ).